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How to Convert PDF to Excel Spreadsheets for Further & Faster Data Analysis?


If you want to use the data, especially the tables included in a PDF file, you'd better convert PDF to Excel. Bravo Free PDF to Excel Converter is specially designed to convert tabular PDF data into Excel so that you can directly edit the data with Microsoft Excel. It makes the PDF to Excel conversion easier and more accurate.

Download Bravo Free PDF to Excel Converter to convert PDF to Excel through the link below:

Download Bravo Free PDF to Excel Converter

Step 1. Input FDF Files

Launch Bravo Free PDF to Excel Converter and click "Add File(s)" or "Add Folder" to add PDF files you want to convert. The files will be listed in the window with total number displayed at the bottom of the program. To delete one or all of them, click "Remove/Remove All". Click "Options" to activate the conversion settings window.

Input FDF Files

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Step 2. Specify Conversion Settings

Now, specify the conversion settings in the activated window. In the "Conversions" tab, you can select the output directory from original directory or check "Select directory" and click "Change" to choose the directory you want. You can also set the overwrite ways when the destination file already exists.

Select Output Folder and Overwriting Method

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In the "Misc" tab, you can specify whether to prompt the confirm window when removing files from the list or whether to open output folder when conversion is over. You can also let the program play a reminder sound when conversion is complete.

Ask for Permission before Processing

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It also allows you to define the page range to convert in "Excel Options". You can convert all pages or a continuous range. Enter values (number of empty columns) to set the left/top indent. You can also specify the render modes to include or exclude formatting. If you want to put all the converted files into one worksheet, check the box at bottom and set the table space value.

Convert Any Page with Custom Alignment

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Step 3. Convert PDF to Excel

Click "PDF to Excel" to start conversion. Within seconds, the conversion will be completed. Click "Open Output Folder" to directly find the converted files.

Convert PDF to Excel

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