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Tips on Choosing a Good PDF to Word Converter

It is often that we receive mails that have PDF files attached to them. We also tend to download PDF files. And it is quite often that one has to convert a PDF file to a word file. Therefore, it is inevitable that one possesses a PDF to word converter. A converter makes transforming of files quite easy. There is a need of converting these files to word because operating a Word file is easier. Getting the replica of your original document is another reason that you need such software.

There are two types of PDF to Word converters in the marketplace, online PDF converter and offline PDF converter.

Online Converters are convenient if you can get access to the Internet easily. Just upload the PDF files online and provide your email address, they will send you the Word document. But it may take a long time. And considering the security, many people will not upload the personal PDF files or confidential PDF files online.

Offline PDF to Word Converter seems more reliable, accurate and fast. However, how to choose a good PDF to Word Converter out of tons of PDF converters in the marketplace? Here are some tips.

1. Free Trail

It pays to free trail the software before you consider purchasing it. People nowadays are too busy to learn how to use software, the easier, and the better.

The conversion quality is essential for users. The original layout, text content, images, even hyperlinks should be preserved perfectly in the Word document after conversion.

2. Compare the Price

Price is an important factor for consumers. Price differs by brands. Some are nearly $100 while many of them cost about $30, sometimes the cheaper one can do a better job. Little tips, producers will offer discount during holiday season, such as the black Friday or Christmas.

3. Check the Advanced Functions

It must be convenient if we can just convert some particular pages to Word or batch convert hundreds of PDF files in one time. That would be nice if the PDF to Word Converter can provide complete flexibility.

In some cases, we need to copy text from a PDF, print the PDF out or edit the protected PDF, legally of course. But what can you do if the PDF is restricted by owner password. So if a PDF to Word converter that can convert password protected PDF files will help you a lot.

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